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GIL Automation Ghana

Inventory Management Solutions

Reduce inventory costs and increase productivity with complete inventory visibility - 24/7. The business world is at the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Linking the real and virtual world facilitates better monitoring and faster decision-making processes. This makes it possible to control and optimize companies and entire value added networks almost in real time. We can support you integrating your supply chain. Apart from all relevant measuring and system technologies, we also offer appropriate software to monitor and optimize your inventories and supply chain.

From the inventory measurement through to your ERP system From easy monitoring of tanks and silos to highly accurate custody transfer tank gauging at tank farms throughout your tank farm or terminal, we – being one of the leading partners for process automation – offer, apart from all relevant measuring technologies, also appropriate scalable software packages to monitor your inventories. With inventory management solutions we also support you in the optimization of your supply chain with individual software solutions for your inventory management.

Gil automation Ghana
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  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving delivery performance and avoiding product run-outs or emergency deliveries
  • React fast and efficient to supply chain volatilities thanks to the optimization of the company’s supply and value chain.
  • Lower inventory management costs by integrating data in your systems, facilitating fast and effective data exchange with your partners and systems
  • Increase productivity with higher accuracy of your inventory monitoring and better planning capabilities