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GIL Automation Ghana


Hotline Tool Dielectric Testing, Repair, & Reconditioning Services

GIL GHANA offers complete hot line tool testing, repair, & reconditioning. Our technicians are skilled at repairing an extensive variety of tools, including all fiberglass hot line tools, shotgun repairs, hot arm repairs, hoist repairs,  hydraulic cutter repairs, crimpers, hand tools, and more! Our testing procedures meet or exceed the highest level of standards in the business.
Our Hotline Tool “hot sticks Testing” includes cleaning, waxing, visual inspection and dielectric testing to ASTM standards. Old stickers are removed, and upon passing the certification test a new dated sticker is applied. Test reports are provided with each hot stick that passes the test. Brand-new tools are tested before shipping from Gulf coast Calibration.
Our Testing Procedures Meet:
  • Hot Sticks testing and Live Line Tools– ASTM F711, IEEE 978
  • Insulating Plastic Guards– ASTM F712
  • Insulated By-Pass Jumpers– ASTM F2321
  • In-Service Testing for Temporary Grounding Jumpers– ASTM F2249
  • Insulating Rubber & PVC Shielding– ASTM F1742
  • Insulated Hand Tools– ASTM F1505

There are 2 Options to test your Line Tools:

  1. Lab Testing:
Send your tools to Gil Ghana to make sure they are safe and in compliance. We are located at

Pt 74, 2nd Smoko close Airport ridge, Takoradi. Gil Ghana Pickup & Delivery Service Available in Ghana. We pickup and deliver tools on a regular basis, with the goal of saving our customers money. Call for details: +233 557 386 030.

  • Will call pick-up and drop-off is available for local customers.
  • If you need to ship tools to GCC, please print off our Tools Repair Form and send in with your tools. We need your contact info to return the tools.
  • Please specify how soon you need your tools back, especially if it is URGENT!
2. Onsite Testing: We will come to your location for dielectric testing services. Our experienced technicians come to your site to perform certified testing services as part of our onsite calibration and testing services. Hot sticks testing & cable testing available, please call for details: 713.944.3139

We service the following brands:

  • Cementex Tools
  • Hubbell/Chance
  • Hastings
  • Salisbury by Honeywell
  • American Hotline
  • S&C Load busters and more.
Please click on the Request a Quote button below or call +233 557 386 030 for all your Hot Sticks Testing needs.