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GIL Automation Ghana


GROUNDING & BYPASS JUMPER CABLES: Assembly Testing and Repair Services

GIL GHANA builds and certifies custom grounding cables testing/ grounding clusters and bypass jumper cables for utilities & contractors, tested to ASTM and OSHA standards. Our grounds are built, repaired and tested to ASTM standards F855-09 and F2249-03 (2009) Electrical grounds and safety grounding cables are vital for worker safety and should be handled by proven providers. To provide a quote, we generally need to know:
  1. Total Quantity of Cables
  2. Ferule to ferule length of each cable.
  3. The size of each cable. (#2, 1/0, 2/0, 4/0).
  4. Rated insulation of the cables (15KV, 25KV, 35KV).
  5. Clamp Style and on each end.
  6. Threaded or plain ferrules.
  7. Shrouded or unshrouded ferrules.
In addition to custom grounding cable assemblies, Gulf Coast Calibration also repairs  grounding cables, bypass jumper cables and certification testing of field-used grounds and bypass jumpers. All cables pass through standard certification test as per ASTM requirements and are given a stick and test reports. We provide lab testing and field/onsite testing of all grounding and jumper cables. Please click on the Request a Quote button below or call +233 557 386 030 for all your custom ground cables and jumper needs.