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Flow Metering Solutions

Reliable custody transfer loading solutions and pipeline measuring systems for liquids and gases Whether the particular operation involves a custody transfer measuring system in the oil & gas, chemicals or food sector, we guarantee maximum accuracy in all your loading processes. Our certified solutions ensure transparency for peace of mind in your daily business whilst reducing your costs. flow metering solution

Meeting your demands

As a global supplier of solutions for process automation, we have the expertise and experience that are required in order to overcome the kind of challenges that you face in loading and offloading processes. Through our services organization that operates around the globe, we can support your processes with maximum levels of quality, safety and efficiency.

Benefits API (American Petroleum Institute) or MID (Measuring Instrument Directive) conform custody transfer metering skids Enhanced accuracy and correct mass delivery or volume provided by our high quality instrumentation Smooth project handling thanks to our experience and close collaboration with calibration authorities Irregularities detected immediately by online/real-time density measurement Single point of contact for the project ensures reduced response time