Newly Signed OEMs

In our usual way to bring satisfaction to our customers, with the Original Equipment Manufactuters (OEMs) we already have, here are the newly signed ones. Chauvin, Norbar, NIDEC and Ashcroft.

The French company Chauvin Arnoux was founded in 1893. The company is one of the leading developers in the international market of measurement equipment, with an absolute expertise in current clamps, oscilloscopes, power quality analysers and earth ground testers…

Norbar is the only torque equipment manufacturer to be able to offer torque tool and instrument calibration services to the original factory standard on four continents, Norbar Torque Tools Ltd specialises in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of torque tools for torque tightening, measurement and calibration .

Nidec Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of electric motors. Their products are found in hard-disk drives, electric appliances, automobiles and commercial and manufacturing equipment. The company has the largest global market share for the tiny spindle motors that power hard-disk drives

Ashcroft, The leading pressure and temperature instrumentation manufacturer of pressure gauges, test gauges, and temperature gauges.