Configurable Pre-engineered Electrical Control Panels:

GIL Ghana offers configurable pre-engineered Automation and control panels designed for use in many common industrial applications. Our control panel solutions include:

      • AC Drive Panels For versatile applications such as pumps, fans, conveying systems, textiles, and machine construction.
      • DC Drive Panels Provide flexible, reliable, and affordable control for new and retrofit applications in many applications including metals, plastics, paper, cranes, mining, oil and gas, and excitation equipment.
      • SCR Control Panels Designed with configurable options to support your industrial heating and regulating process control needs.
      • NEMA Starter and IEC Starter Control Panels Designed for common industrial motor starter applications requiring either Full Voltage Reversing or Full Voltage Non-Reversing operation.
      • Operator Stations Offer a wide variety of configurable options to provide the right control for your applications.
      • Soft Starters Cost effective solution to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors.
      • Junction Boxes Configurable for a multitude of applications. Cost effective and customizable to your needs.
      • Transformers Configurable for any commercial, industrial, manufacturing, or production process application.
      • As Built Drawings
      • 3D modeling of Control panel
      • Detailed Bill of Materials in accordance with client vendor list.

GIL Ghana is one of the leading traceable calibration laboratories offering instrument calibration services in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. We provide both onsite calibration and laboratory calibration services to our customers.

We provide 180 days warranty on all equipments calibrated in our facility or onsite. Furthermore, all calibration certificates are available online through the GIL Asset management system.

Our technicians are capable of calibrating equipments that fall under Electrical, Dimensional, Physical parameters including Temperature, Pressure, Torque, Ultrasonic, Acoustic, Air flow, High voltage and Light.

Any other calibration requirements you have can be managed through sub-contract partnerships with other calibration laboratories.


DIMENTIONAL TOOLS: We provide calibration for. Angle Plate, Clinometer, Depth Micrometer, Dial Gauge, External Micrometer, Feeler Gauge, Gauge Block, Height Gauge, Jig and Fixture, Length Setting Rod, Paint Thickness Foil, Parallel, Plain Gap Gauge, Plain Plug or Roller, Plain Ring Gauge, Protractor, Screw Caliper, Screw Plug Gauge, Screw Ring Gauge, Setting Master, Sine Bar or Table, Sphere (Precision Ball or Balls or CMM Setting Ball), Square, Straight Edge, Surface Table, Thread Cylinder, Thread Vee Setting Jaw (for Metroscope), Vee Block, Vernier Caliper etc.

Typical Manufacturers include: Baty, Bowers, Brown and Sharp, Coventry Gauge, Johansson, Matrix, Mercer, Mitutoyo, Moore and Wright, Rabone, Rank Taylor Hobson, Renishaw, Roebuck, Sigma, SIP, Starrett, Sylvac, Tesa, Threadmaster, Trimos, Verdict, Yorkshire Precision Gauges, Zeiss, Zodiac.

ELECTRICAL TOOLS: Bench type equipment such as counter timers, long scale multimeters, oscilloscopes and power supplies are also covered by our ISO17025 traceable procedures. Other typical tools include: Ammeter, Amplifier electrical calibration, Attenuator, Bridge, Burst Generator, Capacitance Meter, CAT and Genny (Cable Avoidance Tester and Signal Generator), Check Box (16th and 17th Edition), Comms (Communications) Analyser, Counter Timer, Coupler, Coupling Unit, Crimp Tool and Testing, Current Standard, Data Logger, Decade Box, Differential Probe, Earth Bond Tester, EMC Test Equipment, Filter, Flash Tester, Frequency Counter, Frequency Generator, HV (High Voltage) Generator or Source, Holiday Detector, Installation Tester, Insulation Tester, LCR Meter, Loop Tester, Low Ohm Meter, Meter Calibration Check Box, MFT (Multi-function Tester), Microwave Counter, Milli-Amp Source, Milli-Volt Pot Source, Multi-Meter, Network Analyser, Ohm Meter, Optical Detector, Oscilloscope, PAT Tester, Pre-Selector, Phase Indicator, Power Analyser, Power Meter, Power Splitter, Power Supply, Pulse Generator, Rate of Fire Monitor, RCD Tester, Resistor, RF Equipment, Selective Voltmeter, Shunt, Signal Analyser, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser, Sky Screen, Stop Watch, Tachometer, Temperature Simulator, Termination / Load, Tester Calibration Check Box, Flash Tester, Timer, Transient Limiter, Velocity Computer, Voltmeter, Voltage Standard, Watt Meter, 16th and 17th Edition Multi-function Tester.

Typical Manufacturers include: Advantest, Agilent, Anritsu, Avo, Bird, Bruel and Kjaer, Chauvin Arnoux, Clare, Datron, Dranetz, Exfo, Farnell, Fluke, Gigatronics, Gould, Heme, Hewlett Packard, Iso-tech, Keithly, Kewtech, Kyoritsu, Lecroy, Marconi, Martindale, Megger, Metrohm, Motorola, Philips, Racal-Dana, Radiodetection, Robin, Rohde and Schwarz, Seaward, Sullivan, Tektronix, Time Electronics, Tinsley, Wavetek, Yew, Yokogawa.

FORCE & WEIGHT TOOLS: We also calibrate devices such as Balance / Scales, Bottle Jack, Cable Tension Gauge, Door Closure Gauge, Force Gauge, Gram Gauge, Guillotine Clamp Spring Gauge, Load Cell, Load Washer, Push/Pull Gauge, Spring Balance, Statimeter, Dead Weight Tester Weights, Single Weights, Weight Sets.

Typical Manufacturers include: Avery, Chatillon, Correx, Halda, Kistler, Mechmesin, Ohaus, Precisa, Sartorious, Statimeter, TWL, Verdict etc.

PRESSURE & VACUUM TOOLS: We calibrate pressure and vacuum equipments such as Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge, Combination Pressure and Vacuum Gauge, Digiquartz Transducer, DPI, Magnehelic Gauge, Manometer (Differential Pressure), Micromanometer, Oxygen Gauge, Pressure Calibrator, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Pressure Sensor (mA or mV Output), Pressure Sensor (Frequency Output), Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor, Sphygmomanometer (Blood Pressure Monitor), Quartz Pressure Sensor, Tourmaline Pressure Sensor, Vacuum Gauge.

Typical Manufacturers include: Beamex, Budenberg, DH Instruments, Digitron, Druck, Dwyer, Edwards, Eurotron, Fuji, Furness Controlls, GE, Heise, Kiag, Kistler, Leo, Mensor, Parascientific Digiquartz, Ruska.

TEMPERATURE TOOLS: These include Dial Thermometer, Digital Thermometer Readout, Dry Block Calibrator, Ear Thermometer, Freezer, Hot Block, Infrared Thermometer Calibration, Oven, Platinum Thermometer, PRT, RTD, Soldering Iron, Temperature Probe, Temperature Chart Recorder, Temperature Sensor, Thermal Imager, Thermocouple, Thermistor, Tympanic Thermometer Thermometer, Oven, PRT, Soldering Iron, Temperature Controller, Thermocouple.

 Typical Manufacturers include: Ametek, Braun, Comark, Cropico, Digitron, Druck, Eurotherm, Flir, Fluke, Hart, Isotech, Jofra, Land, Omega, Omron, Raytek, Testo.

 TORQUE TOOLS: We calibrate torque equipments such as Closure Meter, Torque Analyser, Clock, Meter, Screwdriver, Watch or Wrench, Torque Tool.

Typical Manufacturers include: Acratork, Britool, Crane, Mechmesin, Norbar, Snap-on, Sturtevant Richmont, Teng, Toro, Torque Leader

GIL Ghana provides scalable, integrated Startup & Maintenance (O&M) resources and services for your facility's lifecycle.

We support industrial and commercial operations including chemical plants, refineries, power stations etc. GIL's benchmarking methodologies identify potential improvement opportunities in existing plants and facilities. These opportunities can be realized through use of subject matter expertise and lean technologies, supplemental maintenance and contractor management, or total program management and execution.

Service Contracts
Every plant is different and requires different customer support coverage. Therefore, service contracts are designed to be flexible to fit any customer need. The contracts include service engineers, armed with the most up-to-date technical information to assure the highest levels of system performance, as well as experienced application specialists who support optimal (system) processing and new product implementation.

Spare Part Logistics
GIL's spare part coverage programs have a strong focus on directly improving availability and cost of operations. This improvement is achieved by supplying spare parts through GIL's worldwide inventory, ensuring that parts are stored close to customer systems to minimize unexpected downtime. GIL offers a wide range of parts availability options, ranging from best effort to even >97% local parts availability.

Relocations & De-installation Support
GIL relocation support safeguards a smooth and cost-efficient process eliminating relocation inefficiencies and reducing cycle time. Additional requirements to refurbish or upgrade your system can be addressed within the same project. Features:

  • Turn-key project approach including planning, material, and engineering support
  • Performed by qualified and skilled install engineers, using GIL standard sequences and procedures
  • Includes rental of required tooling and materials, without refurbishment or stocking cost
  • Guaranteed system performance


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GIL has strong technical alliances and extensive experience with global leading Automation COS, SI, EPC's OEM and Process Consultants working across different countries. Below is a list of our partners :

  • GE : GE Digital Energy, GE Multilin, GE ITI
  • COMPRESSOR CONTROLS CORPORATION : Turbine Controls, Compressor Controls, Anti-surge Controllers
  • SIEMENS : Siemens Building Technology, Industry Group Siemens-Energy Automation
  • WONDERWARE : Wonderware Registered Systems Integrator
  • PEPPERL+FUCHS : Process Automation, Factory Automation Honeywell : Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures
  • ETAP : Smart Grid, Substation Automation, Power Management Systems, Fast Load shedding
  • INTERGRAPH : Smartplant Instrumentation, Smartplant Electrical, Smartplant 3D, PDS, Cardworx, CaesarII
  • SERVOMEX : Gas Analysers, Combustion Analysers, Integrated Solutions
  • OSI SOFT : PI Systems - Enterprise Infrastructure for Management of Time Series data and events
  • POINT LIGHTING : Helideck Lighting, CAP 437 Lighting
  • WAGO :

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GIL Ghana is a reputable contractor for Electrical and Instrumentation Hookups and erection works. We provide E&I Installation, Erection, Testing & Commissioning Assistance in the following areas:

  • Transformers and H.T. Switchgear.
  • L.T. Switchgear, power and lighting distribution boards.
  • Motor control centres.
  • Relay logic controls.
  • Programmable logic controls.
  • Power, control and signal cables.
  • Remote control centres push button stations.
  • Small power distribution.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Grounding, earthing and lightning protection.
  • Fire detection, alarm and other annunciation and protection systems.
  • Field mounted switches and sensors.
  • Back-up batteries, rectifiers and uninterrupted power supplies.
  • Generating sets and associated control equipment.
  • PLC, DCS and SCADA system.
  • Instrument panels, cabinets, console and relay racks.
  • Electronics and pneumatic instruments panel and field mounted items.
  • Tubing, air supplies system, impulse and signal systems.
  • Process analyzers, conductivity and pH meters.
  • Control valves, solenoid valves and pressure regulators.
  • Cathodic protection.

Our trained project management teams are there to help you achieve your project targets for applied automation systems. Our services in control houses, installation and commissioning assure timely completion of your projects without worry.

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