What is a Metering Skid?

A metering skid is a framed device on a support on which various assemblies are installed.

It is used for the measurement of gas or liquid products.

The main use of a metering skid is for custody transfer.

It is usually used to measure flow rate depending on the client specification, the metering skid can used for measuring volumetric flow rate or mass flow rate.

The metering skid can also be used for other treatments such as, by the means of valves, pressure reduction, by means of flow control valves, flow control and cleanliness of fluid depending on the requirements for measurement.

Components of a metering skid

The structural frame of the metering skid and support

The pipe work

The process equipment

The electrical power feed including the earthing system, the MCC and all cabling and trays

The local control system including the flow computer, personal computers and printers and the PLC.

Applications of Honeywell metering skids

  • Pressure regulation and metering stations
  • Fuel gas conditioning systems
  • Border metering stations
  • Offshore gas and liquid metering
  • CNG filling stations
  • Bio methane grid injection systems
  • Underground gas storage metering and control skids
  • LNG metering skids
  • Calibration facilities


GIL’s process measurement and flow control division is entrusted with the management of the company’s flow lab and handling of metering systems projects, among other things. We have a small volume prover, master meters, various prover tank and primary measure sizes. We also have all the components required for the execution of your metering projects.

We have been doing metering for years and have successfully executed large scale metering projects for Shell’s SPDC and SNEPCo, Mobil Producing Nigeria and the Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC). Projects covered here includes prover loop calibration and recertification of custody transfer metering systems. With collaboration from our partners, we have also designed and built field provers for NAOC and Chevron Nigeria Limited.

GIL is always at your beck and call for metering systems projects and will continue to lead the industry in the provision of quality services.