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GIL Automation is a leading provider of industrial products, systems and services related to Instrumentation, Measurement, Safety, Electrical, Automation and Mechanical Systems. We partner with our customers to provide systems that work through provision of quality products, value added services and technical solutions, based on customer requirements.

We focus our product and services delivery to industries such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Mining, Food Beverage, Marine, Construction and Other industries that require a reliable partner for cost effective operation.

Installation Works

GIL Automation with qualified Engineers and Technicians help perform on-site installation of your equipment. From understanding of the Engineering design, hookup drawings, Layouts & markouts, P&ID, GIL provides installation of electrical equipment, instruments hookup, cable laying and termination.


GIL Automation helps plant managers and maintenance departments identify the entire process instrument and analyze measurement devices in the plant, determine maintenance and calibration rocedures for each device, keep the devices and processes running at peak efficiency, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.
This service usually begins with a plant audit by a GIL Process Management & Control Engineer who, with the help of plant maintenance personnel, locates and identifies every measurement device and gathers relevant data such as serial number, tag, manufacturer, location, age, process conditions, and what each
instrument is measuring (pressure, temperature, flow, pH, etc.).
In partnership with OEMs, GIL identifies life expectancy of the unit and recommends lifecycle support strategy. Based on the install base audit, GIL presents an overview of the installed base and makes overall recommendations for improving maintenance activities, such as preventive and corrective maintenance,
standardization of measurement device, and migration of the installed base to newer and improved devices.
GIL also provides local stock of frequently used items based on criticality.

On-site Calibration

GIL understands that some equipment are best calibrated on-site and therefore GIL has made provision for such portable calibrators needed for such process. GIL has a containerized workstation for Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) calibration, a Small Prover for offshore metering etc.

Testing & Commissioning

GIL has trained and experienced engineers who understand the engineering design and can perform testing and commissioning of plants. With our collaboration with OEMs, GIL with her expatriates do your commissioning in accordance to international and local standards.