GIL Ghana provides equipment rental for routine calibration and field test equipment under these categories:

Measurement/Instrumentation Package:
• Ventil Test Bench
• Manual Test Bench
• Time Electronics Calibration Bench
• Prover Tank (500/5000 litres)
• Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator (Manifold)
• Pneumatic pressure calibrator (Manifold)
• Temperature Calibrator
• Electrical Tester Calibrator
• Toque analyzer
• Power Calibrator
• Hydraulic Bench top pump
• Loop Calibrator
• Digital Pressure Gauge (0-40Bar; 0-700Bar)
• Druke Pressure Calibrator
• Dead Weight Tester
• Comparison Test pump
• Programmable AC/DC power source
• Marine Aneroid Barometer
• Air Compressor
• Manifold Block (30,000psi)
• Oscilloscope (100MHz,4chan)
• Pressure transmitter
• Pressure Recorder
• Hand pump
• Pressure Gauge (600psi, 2000psi, 20000psi, 40000psi)
• Gauge Test blocks
• Surface plate
• Bench vice
• Resistance Decade box
• Meter Clamp
• Temperature transmitter
• Vacuum pump
• Nitrogen Gas Cylinder
• Agilent Frequency analyzer
• Oil Di-electric Test Set
• Ventil Online valve testing kit
• Metering test Can
• Hart Communicator
• Control Valve
• Pressure safety Valve
• 3" / 6" Turbine Master Meter
• Honeywell Enraf Small Volume Prover

Electrical Package:

• ISA Automatic relay test set and measurement system Model DRTS-6 S/N 2009/16669-1
• AC/DC Clamp-on Multimeter PeakTech 1615
• 3-Phase Rotation Meter PeakTech 2530
• GE – DGA Transport X
• Digital Earth Resistance Tester – Megger
• Portable AC Hipot Test Set Model PFT-503CM
• Transport Case for CPC accessories (VEHP0066)
• Omicron – CPC 100 Enhanced Primary Test System with accessories (VE000621)
• Omicron – CP TD1 Capacitance ^ Tan Delta Add-on Unit (VE000641)
• Omicron – CP CB2 Current Booster up to 2000A (VEHZ0630)
• Milwaukee Power drill and screwdriver C180D-32C
• Smart Stud 2000 Welding machine

Benefits of renting equipment over Buying:
There are two things that should determine why you rent than buy an equipment – the frequency of use of the equipment and purpose for which the equipment is needed. If the frequency and purpose is low then you need to rent.

Below are some benefits of renting:

  1. Budget: Why tie up your capital owing equipment that may not be used on a regular basis? Cost of renting is truly less than owing
  2. Storage capacity: Renting equipment removes the stress of where to store them thereby freeing your warehouse for much needed products. Most companies also have problem deciding where to store their equipment due to space constraint which could result in storing the equipment outside or in poorly ventilated area thereby exposing the equipment to elements – air, water, moist etc.
  3. Equipment maintenance: Most equipment have some parts that require a bit of maintenance and upkeep to enable it continues working safely at their peak level. At the same time, some also require constant inspection and routine testing. When you rent this equipment from GIL, it is our responsibility to ensure that these equipment are maintained properly thereby saving you the cost required for maintenance, labor, stress and time.
  4. Owing outdated equipment: On a yearly basis, there revisions resulting in new technologies, equipment, software and hardware. Renting saves you the stress, cost and hustle of keeping your equipment up to date with these changes. 

Please Contact us directly or  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing and availability of package. We also provide instrument technicians to help with startup and commissioning service.


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